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A Spring Afternoon in the Gardens

A Spring Afternoon in the Gardens

I’ve experienced so much winter that I think I’m starting to develop Stockholm syndrome. I find myself justifying the value of winter whenever friends ask if I miss spring and summer. Why would I want summer? You can’t cuddle up on the couch with your boyfriend, a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate when it’s 80 degrees out. I don’t miss needlessly sweating. I don’t miss being sunburnt. I enjoy scarves, sweatshirts and hot water jugs. I think I love winter… I never want to leave. And then spring begins, and it all comes back to me.

September marks the beginning of spring in New Zealand and it wasted no time in letting us know it had arrived. The weather in Dunedin has been gorgeous, and it’s amazing to see how it affects people. The thing I forget about the sun is that it lifts your spirits just by being there. The people you run into on the street just seem happier. For one thing, there’s more people out walking around. It hadn’t hit me until I was walking to the Botanic Gardens with Tra that I missed the feeling of spring. The weather gave us energy and we had the drive to explore new parts of the garden and even ventured out of the gardens onto a street that led us to the Dunedin Northern Cemetery. We strolled through the cemetery appreciating the old headstones while keeping an eye out for any names we vaguely recognized. As our stomachs cautioned against wondering any further we made our way back home making sure to admire the blooming university trees and toppless students (not joking) swimming in the Leith.

I heard it can take many years for prisoners suffering from Stockholm syndrome to fully recover. Luckily thanks to a happy accident we have two giant tins of hot chocolate to go through in the next 3 months. After that, we return to American winter.


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