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Taieri Gorge

Taieri Gorge

Stepping into a train is like stepping back in time. Even though trains are very efficient when done correctly, they aren’t most people’s first choice for transportation. Unfortunately for trains you can’t just hop on a train for a grocery trip, that is of course unless you live in a city that actually has a good public transportation infrastructure. Portland of course has the MAX system, but it’s design almost feels like what people in the 90s thought the future would look like. Stepping into a classic railway car is different. In the same way that people seek out old polaroid cameras trains are cool little time capsules into a slow-moving world that existed not long ago. In the age of information technology advances quickly. The first iPhone already looks severely outdated. I doubt that any of the kids that are just now receiving their first iPhones would believe that when they were first released there was no such thing as an App Store. The longevity of trains is what makes them so special. Flipping through the pages of history you can watch as these revolutionary machines stayed relatively unchanged for such a long time. That level of consistency is comforting.

For our anniversary Tra bought us two tickets for the Taieri Gorge Railway trip to Pukerangi. Here are some of our photos:

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This week I’ve chosen a beautiful collaboration between Vancouver producer SLOTH.TOES and Bellingham singer Madaleine DiMarco. Give it a listen and maybe consider giving them a follow on Soundcloud.