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Exploring: Orcas Island (Part 1)

Exploring: Orcas Island (Part 1)

This was my favorite trip ever while we were back home for our two-month holiday! Tra and I were gifted the opportunity to stay at a beautiful home on Orcas Island. We took the opportunity to invite Tra’s sister, Gracie, and our best friend, Tyler, who both study relatively close to the San Juan Islands in Bellingham, WA. We drove up on a rainy night, picked them up and rushed to the ferry in Anacortes. While we were convinced we were running late the hour long wait to drive onto the fairy proved otherwise. The four of us (and the Subaru) were then shipped across the Rosario Strait to Orcas Island.

It was late and dark when we arrived, but we could tell we were in for a special weekend. We navigated the long and winding road until we finally found our home, despite our GPS’s best efforts. We had seen few photos of the house so we were blown away by the gorgeous view overlooking the sound right from the front porch. It was so peaceful. I can’t remember the last time I felt silence like that.

The next day we explored nearby Moran State Park. We found beautiful trails that lead us to half a dozen waterfalls. The park oozed “northwest winter” and yet you were still able to feel the cozy blanketing feeling of a secluded island.

On our last day we spent a bit more time hiking, but mostly watching season 7 of Seinfeld. I couldn’t imagine a better weekend with better people. It was a beautiful way to end our American holiday.

I’ll be posting more photos from Orcas Island on my next post too. Thank you for reading!

Holidays Recap

Holidays Recap

It’s been another four months since my last blog post. Apparently I post on a tri-annual basis. I don’t know what that’s about. I would like to post more but I’m better at making excuses and watching Netflix than I am writing blog posts. But not today. Today I finish a blog post!

Over the Christmas break I traveled back to the States for a much needed holiday with friends and family. Back to my home, favorite restaurants, recognizable street names and… Winter, again. Flying back to New Zealand marks my fourth winter in a row. As much as I would love your pity, you can save your energy; I actually prefer the colder weather. I’m useless in the heat. If I had it my way I’d wear my paper-white skin forever. Luckily, I do get a few weeks of summer in between to refill my vitamin D reserves.

During our stay Tra and I travelled around Washington and Oregon state to visit friends and family. We had a great time catching up with everyone! Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time.

One week in January we travelled back to Long Beach, WA, one of our favorite places. While I was in Dunedin I kept daydreaming about returning when I should have been listening to lectures. So we were very excited to hop into our car and drive to the beautiful Washington Coast!

We visited the Astoria sea lions, the charming Oysterville and our favorite restaurant all while snapping some photos along the way. Unfortunately I lost about 200 of these photos in a tragic boneheaded tech accident. After beating myself up a bit for making such a silly mistake I was able to salvage a few good ones.

I have a few other trips I’d like to blog about again very soon, so watch out for some photos of our trip to the San Juan Islands and our weekend away in Waiheke Island, NZ.

Thank you for reading! x