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Exploring Dunedin (Part 3)

Exploring Dunedin (Part 3)

Tra loves feeding ducks. Actually he just loves hanging out with animals. One time, after cuddling with adorable kittens for hours he discovered he had a cat allergy. His nose was leaking snot and he scratched his eyes until they turned bloodshot red. You would think that discovering a cat allergy would deter him from cuddling with those kittens the very next day. You would be wrong.

He loves to make himself miserable at the hands of the fluffiest little beings. So when we visit the Dunedin botanic gardens, he rushes to the duck pond. The gardens offer complimentary duck food, which is a great way to keep visitors from bringing white bread, which is actually pretty bad for the birds. After a few tosses of grain I get bored. Tra does not. He uses his entire allotment of food and then uses the rest of mine. He handpicks ducks that are the most deserving of food based on friendliness, loneliness and patience. He even hand feeds ducks from time to time. I always worry of the germs he’s exposing himself to.

The gardens offer a maze of botanic attractions as well as an aviary and a lovely greenhouse. It was one of the first places I took Tra after he arrived in Dunedin.

Everyone needs that go-to lazy weekend spot to walk, and the gardens are just that for Tra and I. It’s the perfect walking distance from our flat and it’s beautiful in any season! I’ve never had much of a green thumb, but this garden inspires me to dream of my one-day landscaped, perfectly manicured lawns.

As I’m nearing the end of this hectic semester, the gardens offer a nice distraction. After this semester I only have one more to go until I graduate! Looking forward to it, but I have mixed feelings. Graduating means moving from New Zealand. I don’t know when we’ll be back so I’m enjoying what Dunedin has to offer.

Music Pick of the Week

Each week I try and highlight an Indie music artist at the end of my blog post. If you would like me to consider your music email me.

This week I’ve chosen a track that never fails to pull me out of a bad mood by the Minneapolis band Bad Bad Hats. Give it a listen and maybe consider giving them a follow on twitter.