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48 Hours in Wellington

48 Hours in Wellington

The events of my life are almost always determined by routine. As our time in Dunedin was winding down I felt a need to shake that routine up a bit. I felt like I was growing tired of looking at the same buildings and walking the same route to school. I just wanted to see something I’ve never seen before. So, I booked two roundtrip, Jetstar tickets on a one-hour flight to Wellington.

Exploring a brand new place is just kind of magic. We drank great coffee on Cuba Street, walked along the waterfront and met up with a couple of friends. This was the first time I’d stayed in an Airbnb and it went way above my expectations. Our hosts supplied us with a cozy studio below their Mt. Victoria home, along with a bottle of wine, fresh bread and an occasional visit from their sweet cat.

For me, the highlight of our trip was certainly the Te Papa Museum. We were able to see Gallipoli, a war exhibit created by Peter Jackson. It was made a bit more meaningful to me when I learned recently that a relative of mine died at Gallipoli.

Wellington is a beautiful (and incredibly windy) city that was quirky like Portland but in a Kiwi sort of way.

Although it was a short trip it was refreshing to break our normal routine to enjoy a new city and check some things off our NZ bucket list. Flying to Wellington meant that we were able to make new memories together in a new city. In a way, it marked the beginning of the end of our time in New Zealand. That weekend will always stand out to me as I remember our short, sweet time in Wellington.

Music Pick of the Week

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This week I’ve chosen a song from the Copenhagen-based group, My Bubba. Give it a listen and maybe consider listening to them on Soundcloud or giving them a like on facebook.