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Last weekend I said goodbye to one of my favorite coastal towns: Long Beach, Washington. This is a a great little town about a 2-hours drive from home on a peninsula near Astoria.

This has always felt like a wonderful little escape, my boyfriend’s dad- who happens to have an amazing taste in homes, put us up in one of his rental properties. It’s a gorgeous renovated beach house with beach access and a sense of quiet and peace. I can’t wait to come back.

In about three weeks time I will board a plane heading south, very south actually. I’m moving to Dunedin, New Zealand.  I will finish my degree in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Otago. It’s the oldest university in New Zealand, and it’s located near the bottom of the south island. Although I’ve never been, it looks like a charming little town.

(From my lovely mini instax camera- love, love love it!)

I’m so excited for this new journey, but I will miss my family and friends dearly. I’m feeling overwhelmed too; with packing, saying goodbye to friends and ticking everything off of my to-do list. I have exactly 18 days until the move and almost nothing packed- yikes!

This is such a big transition for me, although I’m originally from New Zealand, I have lived in the Pacific Northwest nearly my whole life. I’m anxious knowing I will feel homesick and a bit of culture shock. But I’m sure when I look back on the time I spent away, the homesickness and anxiety will only be a small chapter.

I’m hoping to continue my photography, but I won’t know for sure until I understand my work load. But whether it be a portrait session here and there or just capturing the beautiful landscape I’m looking forward to keeping up a (fairly) regular blog and sharing my thoughts and images. So, check in here every one and read about my new adventure, I’m excited to share it with you!