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People ask me all the time: Emma, how can I ensure that I won’t get audited by the IRS? I always just shrug my shoulders.

“Why are you asking me?” I tell them. “I don’t know anything about the IRS.”

It’s a constant struggle.

Okay, people don’t actually ask me that. What people do ask me is how I like New Zealand, and more specifically how I like Dunedin. I was brought up in a culture where the go-to answer to the common and amazingly broad question ‘how are you doing?’ is almost always ‘good.’ It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, if someone wants to know how I’m doing, it’s always good. Imagine the odds! So of course I tell them that Dunedin is good.

Dunedin is a fantastic temporary home. In some ways it feels like a small European city with grand old architecture and a pedestrian friendly city center. Although Dunedin has a population that is slightly smaller than Vancouver, WA, the town has a greater ‘buzz.’ Downtown Dunedin feels busy, but not in an unhealthy way, without losing the sense of community that is often lost in larger cities.

Dunedin’s also similar to home in many ways. The weather is very much like the Pacific Northwest. Cold winters and warm summers. We can definitely experience all four seasons in one day. New Zealand is similar to the States but rooted in British customs. So Kiwi’s drink a lot of tea. But it also has a uniquely Kiwi culture which I love and will miss when I move back home. I will especially miss how friendly and easy-going the people are.

For the next couple of weeks Tra and I will walk around different parts of Dunedin and share our photos along the way. This will give our friends and family a chance to see a bit more of the city we live in.

Music Pick of the Week

Each week I try and highlight an Indie music artist at the end of my blog post. If you would like me to consider your music email me.

This week I’ve chosen this smooth instrumental from the Vancouver producer Pace Moccasin. Give it a listen and maybe consider giving him a follow on soundcloud or twitter.